Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Babys Arrival - Essay HELP ME PLEASE!!!Laid Off From Work Right Before Babys Arrival?

HELP ME PLEASE!!!Laid off from work right before babys arrival? - new babys arrival - essay

My BF and I got kicked right before our baby is here! I know nothing about government support of any website and information about programs could reduce the seriousness of this, it would be worthwhile. I live in Washington County Ny, I do not even know where I am for this kind of thing. We can not pay rent for September, there is a program that will help us? I love my beautiful new apartment, I want to lose! My kindergarten looks so pretty!


Erika H said...

Look tackle the unemployment office, telephone, and there ... In addition, both from the same task have been fired? It is for yoru lose work due to pregnancy illegal ...

shotgun2... said...

Bull is absolutely rubbish shot at me, just before the baby is born! The haulers would not pay for maternity and paternity leave! When all is said and done, they were brought before the court that.
For support, you must be responsible to your health department. They have a program called WIC that help with food for you and baby, and Medicaid. Medicaid is a health program that for all the prenatal area, including birth, birth and baby 1 years of life, not even to pay co-payments. They provide essential that these things you give your position, so if you're there, ask for a grant, back to their feet and rent. Dial 411, if you do not find in the directory, because I know thathad a problem upstairs.

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