Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is My House In A Flood Plain House Needs To Be Condemned/innocent People At Risk In Flood Zone!?

House needs to be condemned/innocent people at risk in flood zone!? - is my house in a flood plain

It is a house in my neighborhood, who is abandoned by its previous owner - the house on the Fox River in Wisconsin and is a home to flood.
My neighbors and I are angry because some greedy real estate trying to sell this property. We see people there with young children who are obviously desperate to buy a house, and I think they are always a bargain.
The revelation is only the house "is located in a flood zone.
The agent added the concerns expressed and said she wanted to get the house condemned.
Two weeks later - a man told me to lie down only one tender to
Advice please! City Council meeting? I have pictures of the property last spring when the river flooded, as I am sure that this will help.

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