Sunday, February 21, 2010

Melbourne Boat Show Docklands What Say To The Pome, "Da Rooster(not Snidely) Gets Recognition This Morning!!!!"?

What say to the pome, "Da Rooster(not Snidely) Gets Recognition This Morning!!!!"? - melbourne boat show docklands

Caffeine, sleep with you
In my cup this morning!
Uh, caffeine, I speak
For the moment .... before

"I'm da cock" sarcastic
Include ... Well, I could
Image to Beijing Bounce
Melbourne, Mumbai ....

But I'm good today ...
In fact, I beg you,
Since Bridge this morning ... "here
Hahn ... Where Da cock?

I do not mean dat sarcastic ...
Another cock ... where already in progress ...
.!!!!" Make Heheheheheheeeeee fun ....
But where is dat alligator? "Ssssshhhhhh!

Let's cook will find 'da' to dat alligator
This morning .... Help find Dondi
The scales, nasty, meat, hides!
"Once in 'da cock"?

"GOOD morning, Ely's "Oh, he
To be good, this morning ....
"Come a lil closer," da cock "
See alligator? "

These scammers !!!!" and "I'll be
Elys Nice! Do not let dat Gator
Get me! "

"It promises to be good?

Hmmmmmmm ..... A Lil
Stress in da right place
Right time does wonders ...
Now, for the boat .....

"This bridge can be opened quickly ...
This bridge can be opened
Sunday .... it all depends on how
Your request is being ... to open it !!!!"

And his answer ........"

Hello! Hello!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheheeeeeeeeeee ...

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