Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deglet Noor In Usa Who Has Grown Date Palm Trees In Nc?

Who has grown date palm trees in nc? - deglet noor in usa


I wonder if anyone has done in North Carolina, as madjool Deglet Noor date palms grow, or grow or another in North Carolina, USA?

We can work together to share information and experiences.


gr8music at qtrtilldawn said...

North Carolina has 6 different zones in the mountains (where I live), 8 in the coastal areas. The lowest range for most palms are in the 8's.

The Medjool date palms grow slowly to a height of 70 feet or more under the right conditions for growth. The right conditions for growth through sunny and hot, not humid and a steady supply of well water to the roots. Medjool Date Palm adds 6 inches or less per year in height. This tree often grows several stems from a root system. The length of the crown, the leaves can be up to 30 meters in diameter.

Medjool date palm is tough resistance from the USDA zone to zone 8 11.

They are too big to grow to maturity, but I have a friend who you can grow in a green house and puts it in the summer, at least for now, although it still small. I grew up in the hands of others and put them outside in the warmer months, but never a live for about 5 years.

I am a transplant from Florida and Miss tropical plants, but had found on other tropical trees such as pines, weeping, looked like bananas, no bananas, ferns and other things around the lake give it.

Good luck, I want to be better informed.

weather said...

I've seen along the coast. These are the date palm islands. 7.8 need in an area of protection to survive, and only a cold zone 8b-9a and tolerant above. I think a pindo Palm would be the best option for this type of control, but if you really want a palm tree can build a structure to hold an annual cozy warmth in winter. If young people can be very difficult to secure.

George Washington Deux said...

It really depends on what area we live personally never more and more outside the box seen below 7 or 8 You can prove as an indoor plant.

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