Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kate Strawberry Playground Generating Functions Exercise?

Generating functions exercise? - kate strawberry playground

6 father bought candies for their 6 children. But he forgot that all his children, like all types of sweet taste. Larry only eats
Chocolate, vanilla and banana-flavored candies.
Sergey just chocolate and banana flavored, Eric loves only banana, strawberry and peach-flavored candies. Caitlin only
Bananas and vanilla; Kate likes the chocolate and vanilla, and then, Marissa just want chocolate, peach and candy flavored with mint.

Father can not please everyone with their children? Explain to prove?

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Anonymous said...

Larry C, G, B
Sergey: C, B
Eric B, S, P
Caitlin: B, V
Kate C, V
Marissa: c, p, m

So let's see ...
Of course, children can make everyone happy, provided they are not all 6 are the same flavored candy (because they love a variant, the children.

If all the sweet tastes different, they can make them happy, because Eric is the one that candy, strawberry and Marissa is the only child eats eating mints, so they are getting yms, but both only children, such as fishing sweet -- Then one of his brothers not to be satisfied with peach.

The bottom line is:
The parents all you can. However, if the six equal sweetness, or if both different taste, not to please every child.

But if you buy, for example, 2 chocolate (for Kate and Melissa), 2 vanilla (by Larry and Caitlin), 2 bananas and sweets (A Sergey and Eric), everyone is happy.

Even if you buy 2v or 4b and 4c and 2c, etc. ..
AsGN, as you can buy at least 2 different flavors, including at least 2 sweets, C, G or B
and while he buys no more than 5 different flavors (you must let s MPO-out), then it can make all the children happy.

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