Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lev Tahor Yamamai Does Anyone Out There Have Or Know The Lyrics To Rachem By Lev Tahor?

Does anyone out there have or know the lyrics to Rachem by Lev Tahor? - lev tahor yamamai

It is a song No. 10 from the album A Acapella Kumzitz. In addition, I have to translate into English because they do not know is the Hebrew (or Yiddish, I know that). Thank you!

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chuckguy said...

Hello! I went to their website, but havent got the lyrics here. I sent an e-mail asked me to send it.
If they do, I will translate (in Hebrew, and his BTW) in any way to you. I want to ask a question, because I can answer that question twice.

I hope it works:)

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